For the sake of simplicity, pricing at Scarlett Designs is transparent and consistent.
Two things are billed, design hours and mark ups.

Design Hours

Design services are priced at $120 per design hour. Design hours include any client meetings, *including the initial onsite visit, drawing hours or sourcing hours.
Number of hours depends on on how many visits, drawings and items you need to complete your project.
As a rough estimate,
A living room start to finish is typically 10-20 hours
A bedroom would be 10-15
A master bathroom remodel would be15-20 hours
A commercial project would depend on square footage and scope of work
An estimate that is more accurate to your project will be given after the initial onsite visit.

Mark Ups

Mark Ups are customary to the interior design industry. Designers are given discounts at most
Any item purchased through Scarlett Designs will be marked up either as a retail purchase
or as a wholesale purchase.  Most of the time, this works out to where the client actually pays LESS
than what they would have paid had they walked into a store and purchased an item on their own.
Retail Purchase Example: If Scarlett Designs purchases a table for you that is a retail price of $1000.
That item is discounted for Scarlett Designs by 10% to $900.  Scarlett Designs then marks up the item 10% so your
price is then $990. While this is not a tremendous savings, it is not more than what you would have paid on your own.
Wholesale Purchase Example:  Scarlett Designs purchases some drapery fabric for you that is a retail price of $1000.
That item is discounted for Scarlett Designs by 50% to $500. Scarlett Designs then marks the item up 25%. So your price is then $625. So that is a big savings!