I’m Sehra Scarlett Han, owner and principal designer. 

Design, composition, shape, color and texture: these are things that are very inherent for me. These are things that I take notice of every day. I walk into stores and restaurants and I automatically redesign them in my head. I look at patterns in leaves and in the sand and think about how that can translate into architecture and design. It doesn’t turn off for me. It’s just a part of who I am and what I do on this earth. 

And Yes! I do have a design education in this field. My design certification comes from UCLA Extension in conjunction with Cal Poly Pomona. This program is recognized as one of the premier schools for interior design in the country. My education has gifted me the opportunity to be a professional interior designer for both commercial and residential projects for over 10 years now. Wow! Can’t believe time flew that fast. But time does fly when you enjoy what you do. 

I genuinely want you, my client, to be happy. I genuinely want your style to come out in the best way that it can. So let’s design some stuff together! Let’s mix it up! Let’s get creative. Let’s throw some ideas out and see what sticks. Let’s see what kind of brilliance comes out!